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Original design pattern by Finnish textile designer Jenni Laurila released by airline in Japan

The airplane pattern design used in the collection is by Studio Hilla member, textile designer Jenni Laurila. The pattern is used in a mini tote bag, a larger, A4-sized tote bag, a fabric pouch and a tissue case. The products are available in two pattern colors: red and blue gray. The collection can be purchased from Japan only.

Studio Hilla is a Finnish textile designer collective with strong ties to Japan. Their partner in Japan is LDnext Inc (LUNE D’EAU), who produces the collection items. They are specialized in Nordic home design goods and their collaboration with Studio Hilla has lasted already nine years. The other members in the collective are designers Tuula Wilén and Irina Ylänne.

Jenni Laurila is a freelancer designer with 10 years of experience in textile pattern designs. She enlightens the design process behind the Lentsikka -pattern: “Lentsikka is a childish word for lentokone (airplane). Me and my best friend Laura used to doodle and scribble in turns to the same notebook. We did this especially when we were teenagers and when we were bored during traveling. I found this plane later from these notebooks. We created funny, child-like imaginary worlds where we might be traveling. Lentsikka reminds me of those adventures together with my best friend.”

Jenni Laurila has designed patterns for Finnish design companies such as Jokipiin Pellava, More Joy, Eurokangas and Tekstiilipalvelu. Her style is playful, funny and colorful. “I want people to feel delighted when seeing my designs. Everyday life feels less dull when you can wear cute socks for example.” She graduated as a designer from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2015.


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